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A Brief History of the Symposium Series Scientific Basis for Nuclear Waste Management

The first symposium in this series was held in Boston h 1978 as part of the 5th annual meeting of the Materials Research Society. At that time the US was in the process of selecting the waste form to use for immobilization of wastes from reprocessing of fuels at Savannah River.

A symposium has been held every year since then, in the early years as part of the MRS Boston meeting and Dater with meetings held in other countries that had active nuclear waste management research programs. The selection of chairpersons for the Scientific Basis symposia is managed by an organizing committee that consists of all persons who have previously organized a symposium plus those who are currently committed to be an organizer.

The Symposia that have been held outside the US are:

Berlin, 1982 - (Werner Lutze)
Stockholm, 1985 - (Lars Werme)
Berlin, 1988 - (Werner Lutze and Rod Ewing)
Strasbourg, 1991 - (Claude Sombret)
Kyoto, 1994 - (Takashi Murakami and Rod Ewing)
Davos, 1997 - (Ian McKinley and Charles McCombie)
Sydney, 2000 - (Kaye Hart and Greg Lumpkin)
Kalmar, 2003 - (Virginia Oversby and Lars Werme)
Ghent, 2005 - (Pierre van Iseghem)
Sheffield, 2007 - (Bill Lee, John Roberts, and Neil Hyatt)

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